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The Key is now available in print!

My eighth novel, THE KEY is now available on amazon and at the discounted price! And I'm doing a giveaway. My sister made me these really cool bookmarks for the launch (that you can see here: and there are more on the way.) So, buy THE KEY, send me proof of purchase and I'll send one to the first responders until they are gone.…


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I'm being stalked by a character from the book I just finished. He's mad because he didn't star in the last book and he thinks he's a star.

I've had characters that I knew I was going to write about later, but I've never had a character be so insistent that I misjudged him. He wasn't exactly a bad guy in the book, but he wasn't all good either. And I gave him a terrible name for a lead.

Now I'm trying to find him a good middle name that we both can live… Continue

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I'm Curious...

On one of my other author loops, we've been deep in a discussion about what would be the perfect ebook reading device. Obviously, opinions are as varied as the people involved in the discussion. <g>

I feel like I've got that covered. I've been a proponent of e-reading for a long time. When the hubby and I moved from New Orleans to Houston--as empty nesters--we had to downsize everything...and that included my extensive book collection. But I'd been adding to my ebook collection… Continue

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The Perils of Pauline

I'm excited to be a new arrival at crimespace. I'm a huge fan of fictional crimes (since real crime can get you strip searched and jail time). I love reading about it and I love writing about it. While my books are all over the map genre-wise, they do have a central theme: peril.

Someone is always in peril. Someone will die. Bad guys will be stopped. Happy endings are not optional.

If you remember those old, campy melodramas, then you'll know where… Continue

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