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What's Left Behind

I got the idea for this story after watching a real-life crime documentary about a murdered teenage girl. She set out for school one day walking through a wooded area and was never to return home again. Her body was discovered several days later, she’d been strangled. Her killer was never found, until years later, when the police discovered they still had her…


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Watching You is now out!

My romantic suspense novel, Watching You, is now available in e-book format from The Wild Rose Press.

Upon the reading of her father’s will, Angeline Hamilton is devastated to discover that not only has she lost her inheritance, but she has lost Tarrington Manor -- her beloved family home. When a reckless decision results in her working for the new owner, Sebastian Tremaine, she finds herself hopelessly attracted to the very man… Continue

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Author Competitions: Are they worth it?

I've run several competitions over the past year or so offering free copies of my books both in e-format and as paperbacks, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth the time and effort.

In all that time, I think I've only had one 'thank you' from a winner. Now, don't get me wrong -- I don't expect anyone to be eternally grateful, but it would be nice to know… Continue

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Inspector Lynley Mysteries

The BBC have recently started to repeat the excellent Inspector Lynley Mysteries, penned by the fabulous Elizabeth George. You can read last year's interview published in The Writer Magazine, here:

I was very surprised when I first discovered that Ms. George is an American. I would have sworn that the… Continue

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Top Ten Pet Hates of a Grumpy Woman

Here are some of the things that really get up my nose!

10. People who once knew me but now stick their noses in the air and walk by as if they never did!

9. Shop assistants who prefer to talk to one another whilst ignoring the customer.

8. Repeated lateness. Why is someone else's time more important than my own?

7. Mobile phones. Okay, I have one but I'm not on it all day long! And why is it when I… Continue

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When should you call yourself a writer?

It wasn't until I received my first pay cheque that I actually said: "Now I'm a real writer!" The cheque was for an article I had published on an American website a few years ago.

How wrong I was.

I have been paid for my writing quite a few times since then, not just for my novels but for articles in magazines too. Yet, I always was a writer -- even if I didn't call myself one.

The first person who put any value… Continue

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Happy Easter!

Spring is on the way, supposedly, although I’ve just heard the weather forecast here in the UK and the weathermen are talking about icy showers and maybe even snow! I haven’t seen any new born lambs as yet, but I think our local farmer has them on high ground at the moment – so maybe we’ll get to see them gambolling about in the fields pretty soon.

I had a great weekend with family. We went out for a huge family meal and celebrated… Continue

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A Taste of Honey available from today!

My romantic comedy, A Taste of Honey, is out today! It's available from Borders bookstores. Here is the blurb:

Honey is not far from the sting.

Fran Santini has a secret she keeps from her family. During the day, she works as a waitress, but at night, she is a honey trapper for the Peace of Mind Agency, working for women who suspect their partners are cheating.

Travis O’Connell is minding his own business,… Continue

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The galley for WATCHING YOU

I received the galley this morning to check over for my latest book,
Watching You. I'm really excited about it as it's my darkest novel yet. I go into the mind of a serial killer who is out there watching the heroine -- hence

the title.

In my three published novels so far, I have only used the hero and heroine's point of view but in this book…

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A Cautionary Tale for Authors

I was surfing the web last night when I ended up at the New York Times website and an article written about the recent so-called plagiarism by a well-known romance author, Cassie Edwards. Apparently, someone had

posted a blog about this in January when they had discovered upon

feeding some of Ms. Edwards text from her novels into Google, she had

blatantly lifted text…

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What are you reading at the moment?

I have this habit of reading three books at the same time. No, I'm not an octopus, but I like variety. Downstairs on my coffee table is a copy of Shirley Jump's book, THE MARRIAGE MIRACLE, which I read when I get

the time [I've almost finished it by the way!] On my bedside cabinet,

the bedroom is where I read mostly, is a copy of Michael Winner's

autobiography, WINNER TAKES ALL: A life of sorts, and…

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