Here are some of the things that really get up my nose!

10. People who once knew me but now stick their noses in the air and walk by as if they never did!

9. Shop assistants who prefer to talk to one another whilst ignoring the customer.

8. Repeated lateness. Why is someone else's time more important than my own?

7. Mobile phones. Okay, I have one but I'm not on it all day long! And why is it when I accidentally overhear someone in a shop or on a bus on a mobile, they have the most innane conversations: "Tomato soup or mushroom?" "I'm on the bus/train/in the cafe/pub, etc [delete as appropriate]. How on earth did people manage before mobile phones were invented?

6. Unexpected visitors. Sorry I sound like such a grump. I just hate it when someone I haven't seen for ages, and who I have to make an appointment to see, comes crashing into my living room when I'm watching my favourite TV show. And you wonder why all my friends are online?

5. People who want me to write a book for them.

4. People who send me a Christmas card but pass me by in the street.

3. People who speak without thinking they might be hurting someone.

2. Gossips. Okay, we're all a little guilty of tittle tattle from time to time, I'm talking about those who are malicious.

1. Selfishness. Those who are out for number one and who steamroller everything in their path to get their own way.

So what are your pet hates?

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Comment by Lynette Rees on March 28, 2008 at 5:41pm
I know what you mean about the writing time thing, Deidre! Thanks for your comments.

Comment by Lynette Rees on March 28, 2008 at 5:39pm
Too true, Dana! The kind of people I really class as friends are those you I know I can bump into at any time and they are always the same!
Comment by Deirdre on March 28, 2008 at 10:16am
People who send Christmas cards, only after they received the one you sent them.

Son who is poking me, just to bug me, while I'm trying to do something else.

relatives who have no consideration for my "writing time" or for that matter, no consideration for anything i may want to do with my own family - they think I need to drop everything and obey their commands.

DEA agents who are as bad as the people they are supposed to be arresting.-- in fact this also includes, all officials who are as bad or worse than the people they are supposed to be putting in jail.

drivers who need a re-fesher course on how to drive, appropriately, by using turn signals and not cutting you off, and others who beep because they need anger management courses~!
Comment by Dana King on March 28, 2008 at 6:13am
Actually, Number 10 doesn't bother me. Makes it easier to tell who your friends really are.

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