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Obviously there's been a terrible mistake . . .

Recently heard from my editor, who presumably heard it from someone else at St Martin's, who probably heard it from a friend who has a friend who works at Library Journal, that A Treasury of Regrets was recently picked as one of the top five mystery novels of 2007 by LJ. I don't think this list goes to press until the end of the year, but that's what I'm told.


Now I'm sure that a terrible mistake has been made here, but until they call me…


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At last I heard from my agent that St Martin's has finally sent over the contract for two more Aristide Ravel mysteries. And now I have to write them. Yikes.

If you've read Game of Patience and/or A Treasury of Regrets, please send me encouragement as the prospect of starting all over again is fairly terrifying! How the heck do novels get written, anyway???

If you're already an Aristide fan, you can mark…


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My apologies to the 24 (!) -- as of today, June 9th -- people who put in friend requests to me. You are not being snubbed! I've been caught up in many other things and only now getting back to this woefully neglected Crimespace page.

Please come visit my author website -- -- for some new links and so on. I'll be adding a newsletter feature soon and I hope you'll sign up. (No fear, I'm a rotten…


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Phone Chats

Whew--finally A Treasury of Regrets is officially on sale. This Sunday I'll be doing a book signing in Hudson, NY, where I lived until four months ago.

Since I have no cash and no driver's license, I can't drive around for hundreds of miles to promote my book. But I CAN talk (endlessly) on the phone! So if you are in a book club (USA or Canada), or your friends are, and you like historical mysteries, please consider inviting me over, via your speakerphone, for a live…


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Hot off the presses!

Today the postman delivered the first copy of A Treasury of Regrets from St. Martin's. Woo hoo! It's officially out in 12 days. I couldn't resist sitting down and dipping into some of my favorite scenes for an hour. Sheesh.

OK, since nobody else is going to promote my books for me, I'll say it: Go and read my book! Right now! You'll love it! :-)

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Not a blogger but...

OK, I'm not a blogger because actually I am so bone lazy that if I blogged, I would never get anything else done, least of all writing. This said, I should at least thank all the nice people who wanted to be my Crimespace friends. I'm still figuring out exactly how this all works, but I'll get it straight eventually. And I have to announce, of course, that my new historical mystery, A Treasury of Regrets, is going to be in bookstores in about three weeks. That'll keep me busy for a…


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