OK, I'm not a blogger because actually I am so bone lazy that if I blogged, I would never get anything else done, least of all writing. This said, I should at least thank all the nice people who wanted to be my Crimespace friends. I'm still figuring out exactly how this all works, but I'll get it straight eventually. And I have to announce, of course, that my new historical mystery, A Treasury of Regrets, is going to be in bookstores in about three weeks. That'll keep me busy for a while!

So don't look for regular blog posts here -- but if you email me, I'll try to respond. I'm usually better at responding to something than just spilling out whatever's on my mind. (What is on my mind right now is, I am incredibly short of money, and why haven't my editor or agent contacted me since I sent them proposals for more Aristide Ravel mysteries??? *Sigh*)

So email me. You never know. :-)

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