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Russel D. McLean Interview

Suspect: Russel D. McLean Known Aliases: Badgerboy, Russ-poo, Crimey Crimerson

Occupation(s): Writer, bookseller, reviewer, columnist

Last Known Location: Dundee, Scotland

Listen in as Russel spills about Crime Scene Scotland (the original and Crime Scene Scotland Review), his love of hand-selling books and his upcoming debut novel, THE GOOD SON (coming this Fall from Five Leaves). He also gives practical sporran advice for the… Continue

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Steven Torres Interview

Suspect:Steven Torres

Occupation: Writer, English professor

Known Aliases: None

Last Known Location: Ellington, CT

Listen in as Steven talks about his Precinct Puerto Rico series (see, Steven...I got it right!) and his latest effort,… Continue

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Steve Mosby Interview

Suspect: Steve Mosby Known Aliases: The Notorious B.O.M. (Boring Old Me)

Occupation: Author

Last known location: Somewhere in Leeds (that's in the U.K. for you non-Brits)

Listen in as Steve talks about his take on serial killers in The 50/50 Killer, the influence of… Continue

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David Morrell Interview

Suspect: David Morrell Known Aliases: Rambo's Daddy

Occupation: Writer

Last Known Location: Santa Fe, NM

Listen in as David talks about his most famous creation, John Rambo, the secrets of his career longevity, and his role in the International Thriller Writers (ITW) organization. He also reveals what writer he'd most like to spend an afternoon with, what crime fiction cliche needs to be retired and talks a bit about his first… Continue

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