Suspect: Stuart MacBride
Known Aliases: Bearded Wonderboy, Stuart MacBeard, Crime Write-ist
Occupation: Write-ist, General Naughtiness
Last Known Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

Listen in as Stuart talks about his Logan McRae books, his new novella Sawbones, and his latest idea for Skeleton Bob. He also spills about what two writerly folk he'd pay to see thumb wrestle and, and answers the essential sporran question - furry, or smooth?

*Warning, those seeking an in-depth exploration of the finer points of Stuart's work will likely be appalled by the pervasive naughtiness and lack of seriousity in this interview. If the terms 'cock weasel' and 'nipples' offend you...well, you have been warned & should act accordingly.

To listen, click on the player in the side bar of CrimeSpace's Main Page or visit In for Questioning, where you can listen online or download the show.

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