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Digging beneath the surface...

Going to be hanging around the site more in the coming months thanks to my new project, which will give me a chance to indulge my love of crime fiction and literature. Very excited about it and I truly hope it will help people, young and old, worldwide discover some of the magic behind great novels and fascinating authors...M

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Juggling ideas...

It takes a special frame of mind to embark on and complete a novel and I have to admit I am a long way from reaching that at the moment, despite enjoying the hell out of my writing my first book "The Fast Shuffle". I couldn't get the words on the page fast enough a few years ago when I raced through it and, even though it has yet to reach a big audience, I am proud as punch about it. It reflects my personality well, faults and all.

At the moment, I am writing dialogue and ideas for a…


Added by Matthew Ogborn on April 26, 2007 at 8:46pm — 2 Comments

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