It takes a special frame of mind to embark on and complete a novel and I have to admit I am a long way from reaching that at the moment, despite enjoying the hell out of my writing my first book "The Fast Shuffle". I couldn't get the words on the page fast enough a few years ago when I raced through it and, even though it has yet to reach a big audience, I am proud as punch about it. It reflects my personality well, faults and all.

At the moment, I am writing dialogue and ideas for a play about my generation in the UK and a TV drama about two WWII buddies who set out on a road trip to help an old friend.

I'm fine with that and in no rush. Once I past 30, I realised I needed to slow down and take a few deep breaths for risk of burning out. I hope this makes my writing that much more powerful and connects with audiences better.

In the meantime, I will devour crime fiction in between the occasional drama and historical novel to keep me inspired. I am about to start "Manhunt - The Search for Abe Lincoln's Killer", which I'm hugely excited about. I'm an American Civil War nut and love that period.

It would also be great to chat to people on here about hopes, dreams and things that make everyone passionate about life. I can feel the energy already!

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Comment by Matthew Ogborn on April 29, 2007 at 7:16am
No I haven't , Steven. I'll try and check him out after I've worked my way through Manhunt. Heard of the Gettysburg book, but not Chancellorsville. Confederates a big favourite of mine by Thomas Kenneally.
Comment by Steven Torres on April 28, 2007 at 1:54pm
Have you read the works of Stephen Sears? I've plowed through his books Gettysburg and Chancellorsville. Great fun for those who like war stories.

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