K. J. A. Wishnia, Soft Money

Nothing makes me happier than finding a series I like and plowing through all of the books. In order. Happily, this series seems to fit the bill. Because of my financial situation - poor - I try and read books from the library as much as possible. My library often tortures me, however, by not having all the books in a series. Luckily, I had some birthday money and bought several books missing from the library; 23 Shades of Black was one of those. It has paid off handsomely since I love the series - so far - and my library has the next five books in the series.

The library also has three books waiting for me. The thing I hate the most about reading from the library is the time constraint. At least one of the books waiting for me is a new release, and it will be due in a week. So I'll have to read it next, rather than just plow through the Wishnia series. In my perfect world, I'd be able to just buy all my books and not have to worry about such things.

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