Fiction meets non-fiction - How did that happen?

After spending almost two decades delving into the lives of real life serial killers, I have just started my first work of fiction. Tentatively titled "The Chase", the book follows the life of 'Voodoo Guru' Kate Reilly, a young detective with a tragic past, and a dark heritage.

The book began as an (unfinished) short story competition entry many many years ago. I rediscovered it only recently when my big old clunky PC finally surrendered to the big scrap heap in the sky. I picked up where I left off with ease. I had forgotten about that actually document I had, but in the back of my mind, I've been thrashing out a fiction for a few years.

They say to write about what you know, and I know serial killers, but I loved the challenge of adding an extra element. My first love is archeology and the ancient worlds and I have been able to combine the two. How did I do that?

Well stay tuned, as I have chosen this site as my one and only blogsite (though I do have Facebook and Myspace pages but they are being swallowed up with crappy invitations and quizzes from well-meaning friends).

Watch this space, as I go through the journey of writing my first fiction.

Of course feel free to comment, or add suggestions. So far, the hardest part has been coming up with names for characters, so if you want to be a star and have your name feature in my book, let me know!

Signing off for now,


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