Writers' Block is such a ....umm.... what's that word?

For the past few weeks, I have been madly writing away on my first novel. After a welcomed break from true crime, I was finding it extremely easy to write a crime fiction. Then last night disaster struck.

I sat there with my laptop on my lap, my little USB flashdrive hanging off the side. My book open to page 74 and ..... nothing. I have been writing chapter after chapter without a second between words. It was writing itself. I already have the chapters already planned out, with little subheadings so I could just pick up and keep writing.

Last night, nothing came out. I sat there, I couldn't even try to write anything. There were no words. The muse had left the building. The spark had gone. The book that had enveloped me for the past two weeks, was no longer there. It was hard... I had had so many interruptions in the evening that I had lost my track.

Thankfully my first block was short lived. By late last night, the creative juices were once again flowing and today, I've written quite a bit, and re-written even more.

Characters are coming along very well, and there has been a bit of tweaking of the storylines which is a natural progression.

Well, I am wasting time now that could be writing time. Back to the drawing board.

Oh, also before I go, does anyone have any good tips for ergonomics and laptops? I'm new to the notebook world and the crick in my neck is getting worse.

Signing off


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