Everytime I log on, it nags me that I haven't posted a blog So now I'm posting, So there. nanner nanner. Enjoying our first day in the +60's temps. Windows open, some screens cleaned. Wasting time on this site. Oldest son is coming in sometime tomorrow over part of his spring break. got a couple of heave ho projects for him to help with. Chuck bought a a treadmill while I was in Seattle and now we need to remove some furniture from this room. And maybe get rid of the rug. Anything that is a major dust collector brothers COPD patients. And some help with some outside windows that I can't manage at all and no way Chuck can these days. Such a dull life. No wonder I read a lot. Finishing (tonight) Sean Chercovrer's Big CIty Bad Blood, (Chuck's mini review: 'That man can write. Good book, bad title') but I"m not going to the signing that he will be at tomorrow. That store is uncomfortable for those of us who have any type of physical problems. And it is so small, I think that I have more books than it has. My weekend? Spring fevor. Would love to put up the gazebo, but afraid that I would be tempting the gods and they will dump another foot of snow on us. I need to see how many tulip bulbs the squirrels ate this year. Spring in Minnie-soda. We made it through another winter.

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