I just read the blog 'Lone Wolf vs. Sheep' and (after leaving a comment) got to thinking about what I said. I do stand by it except I would add that I would enjoy making a little more money off my novel, but not at the expense of substituting marketing for writing time which, in this day and age anyway, means it'll probably make very little. But that's okay because (at my age) I don't have that much time to get the rest of my novels out there...and by rest, I mean at least ten (three done and seven to go). I was already 'out there' as a columnist and 'out there' is not what it's all cracked up to be. I spent my life as a gregariously social person and I now enjoy my little house out in the woods where I can write in peace and publish as I want. Besides, my wife may not love me as much as I think and if I made a fortune she might bump me off.

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