Being an author is difficult. Yes, I do have a book in progress, my latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery. Besides that I'm writing a Blog on this great new Crime Space--part of promotion. I spent some time today working on the Public Safety Writers Association's (formerly Police Writers Association) conference which will be this April. Anyone interested in attending, it's April 19 through 22 in Las Vegas. (Go to for more information.) There also having a Gangster Tour. I'm also part of another group called Wizard of Words and will be a part of that conference too. Hubby and I just returned from Epicon which was held in Virginia Beach VA. And like many of the crime writers here I also went to Left Coast Crime in Seattle. All of this takes lots of time.

Right before we left for Virginia Beach, I went on a field trip with the local college to our local Indian Reservation to see some pictographs. Despite the fact that it was difficult for me--I'm a great-grandma--to climb up and and down the boulders to get to the site, I did it. Thanks to our native guide, I now have lots of great information for my w.i.p. What I haven't had for awhile is time to use it.

Tomorrow I devote to writing!


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