Hi Everyone,

I'm delighted to be here by my open window, listening to the birds singing and watching the snow melt in upstate New York as I create my first-ever blog. It's something I've been meaning to do for ages now, but this site, which I just joined yesterday, made it possible.

I'll be telling you more about my mystery, Mood Swing: The Bipolar Murders, in the near future. Until I get around to it, please click on www.virtualbookworm.com and type in my name in the bookstore section to learn more. They're a print-on-demand company based in Texas, and I've been extremely pleased with them. Just ordered more books yesterday aftr selling out my first print run.

Talk to you soon - in the meantime, I need to grab my camera and photograph my cats in the window. They're even more fascinated by the birds than I am, and the sunlight is just right. (No, they can't get out - the window is screened.)

Julie Lomoe

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