There’s one day that never gets old no matter how many times I experience it. On Wednesday, I opened the door to the UPS man. While I chased down the puppy who has now learned to master stairs, I chatted with him about dogs and such. I really didn’t pay attention to the box until I got back inside, one arm around the dog, and the other around the box.

I opened it, and to my surprise, it was my copies of the Boucher biography. There’s no other sensation in life like seeing your brand new book staring back at you. It’s a wonderful exhilirating experience that leaves you with a glow. McFarland has done a wonderful job with the book. It’s colorful, lively and evocative of the man and his works.
The first time I received copies of my book was at the Bouchercon in Philly. I got a call from the front desk, who subsequently brought up a box of Canine Crimes to my room. I ripped it open like Christmas and stared at the little paperbacks, lined in perfect rows. I just stood and admired them for a while.

That sensation doesn’t dim with time or the number of books I publish. With each one, it’s still Christmas all over, a fun and exciting moment when the years of writing and thinking that the book will never hit the stores culminate into a moment of reality. I’ve done this 11 times now, and as I’m starting new projects as I write this, I hope to continue to do this until I die. I can’t think of a life without these moments.

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