Last week, I shared that Ellery had hit his head on the bedframe last week and given himself a concussion. His condition improved for a few days, and then stopped. We took him back to the vet, only to learn that his balance problems had been caused by cancer. X-rays showed that he had bone cancer, which had mestastisized into his brain. The poor sweety was in a great deal of pain, and with a very heavy heart, we had him put to sleep on New Year’s Eve.

Needless to say, we’re devastated. He’s been my constant companion for the last 10 years. I bought him with royalties from Canine Crimes, which seemed very appropriate. He sat at my feet while I wrote 3 biographies and 3 novels. He was my companion through 4 jobs, 2 layoffs, graduate school and a happy new career as a teacher.

He’s the one who spent Y2K with me, watching the ball drop and eating a few treats as we saw that nothing major happened to the world with the year 2000. He was unimpressed, as was I.


He’s met a lot of my readers. He appeared on WLWT with me to promote a book. He’s made friends with Sharon Short and her husband. He’s had quite a life.

But nothing of that makes this blog any easier to write. He’s gone and I miss him terribly. He was certainly this man’s best friend for a decade.

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