I'm curently editing Intent to Sell for its third edition. Things have changed a lot since I first wrote the book back in 2001. The marketing landscape has changed drastically. I find these days that many authors are already doing many of the babystep things that I suggest in the first chapters of the book. I'm glad to see that. It raises the bar for professionalism in the field.

I'm also amazed at the technology which had developed in 7 years. Book trailers, podcasts, audio, and RSS feeds are just some of the new things that are available to authors for their websites. I'm seeing an amazing level of professionalism in some of these products. They look and sound like high-cost equivalents. I'm trying to evaluate the efficacy of some of these products in selling books, but that's another matter.

Other than that, things tend to stay the same. Authors are putting out wonderful books which don't gain a large enough audience and are lost to the public. I'm glad for the small part I've played in getting some of these series promoted. I hope you take a chance to read a new author in 2008, and find a new friend in books.

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