Yes, it can be done.

The math teacher (aka me) is going to teach a writing lesson on detective stories to my 8th graders! For all of those who have said that it can’t be done, it is being done. They’re enjoying the lesson, which is all about having a mystery that is based in part of probability. They have to have a sleuth and a Watson, so that they can explain the probability situation to the Watson. If some of the stories are good, I am going to try to put a book of them together for sale!

So the question is, I’m trying to find an appropriate short story to read, and it’s not as easy as it looks. I started by trying many of the Golden Age authors, since there’s no issue of too much blood and guts or language. But some of the words are 4-syllable and more. Some of the Holmes stories are pretty good, but I wasn’t sure if they’ve been overdone.

I tried a few Ellery Queen, but they can be a bit too twee at times and rather loquacious in their terminology, if you get my drift.

Are there any short stories that might be appropriate? Help is always welcome!

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