"Hi! This is Mari. Are my glasses in yet?" Hopefully, I queried Kaiser a third day in a row. When I ordered my glasses I was told "Seven to ten working days." I made my first call at working day six, hoping, against hope, that they might have come in early. On day eight I was told that it would probably be Friday...the tenth day, and THEY would call me. On day nine the receptionist told me "Calling won't get you your glasses ANY faster."

"Yes, it will." I insisted. "If I call you instead of waiting for you to call me, I may have them at least an hour or so sooner! Besides, I'm at work and they don't relay messages all that well around here.."

Since finding out I have a real eye problem, I've had an awful time seeing anything. I squint, and put myself 4 inches from the screen. I know that I really am not any blinder than i was before, when I thought it was all in my head, but I FEEL blinder. Today was working day ten. When I was told that they still weren't here, I told the woman on the other end of the line that I would appreciate knowing when to expect them. "I need to know if I need to renew the lease on the seeing eye dog." She didn't laugh.
"I'll get the optometrist to call you," she promised.

I didn't feel well so I left work and came home, hence missing any call from the optometrist, so I called back a few minutes ago.

"She didn't call you? I told her about the dog!" The poor kid was really defensive when I explained that I had been joking. Doesn't anyone have a sense of humor around here?

The optometrist just called, and she laughed. She said the lab told her that with my prescription, I didn't have a dog, and that it would take a little longer with the rimless frames I had chosen. I'd already called Lenscrafters earlier today after finding out that they still weren't in and done my homework. Since I've already traumatized the Kaiser office, I spared them a lecture on how, if they had told me that those frames took longer to mount, I would not have chosen them. Instead, I'll wait. I really like the frames. I just hope they get the prescription right.

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