"I'm going to keep e-filing it over and over again, until they tell me I HAVE to mail it!"

My Sweet Man and I have one thing in common. Neither one of us has any idea when to give up. Our Federal taxes went through nicely but for some reason the State of California keeps kicking us back. We opted to go with the H & R Block Online package since doing our own taxes and NOT showing up at their door saved us enough money to buy me a new desk, a beautiful, glass piece of furniture that allows me to make bookmarks without having to crawl underneath my monitor. Bookmarks have been emerging from my printer at a record pace since I beat the last cooties out of the last ones two hours ago.

It seemed like a great idea, to make our own bookmarks instead of generic ones and personalize each event. Libraries love them. Fortunately I have the best bookmark printer obtainable for under $60. My Epson Stylus CX4800 doesn't balk at thick paper and it has a straight forward paper feed that doesn't seem to choke, no matter how many strange noises it makes. The problem is designing the bookmark to fit on the page and match up back and front. NATURALLY I don't want one-sided bookmarks. OH , NO. That would be TOO easy.

All in all, this has been a wonderful weekend and, while not restful, it is a great start for the busy week ahead. I am the presenting book at a large monthly book discussion group at the local library this week, and, as a result, the Los Angeles Library system bought ten books to use for the event and then to be available all the way from Westlake Village to Pasadena. For the last month the books have been available from the reference desk, but when they are on the shelf and in the catalog, I'm going to be the proudest lady in the library. You can count on my adding that picture to the ones accumulating here. I pinch myself every time I think about being easily available for everyone in Los Angeles to read. I also have a book in the Thousand Oaks Library and will have one or two in the Ventura system after appearing with Sheila Lowe on a panel there in the middle of this month. April ends with the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Sisters in Crime booth and it will need more than bookmarks. We plan to hire the kids again this year. Alan's grand daughter will be running around the festival with the sandwich sign, and there is nothing cuter than a five year old wearing a sandwich sign and eating an ice cream cone. She advertises Sisters in Crime on the back and Beaufort Falls on the front.

Life is good.

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