It's Been a While--and, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It's been a while since I've added a Blog Post--last year, no less, and I'm not sure that I have a lot to say. This last year came apart for almost everyone near its end, and it looks like 2009 is going to be one of metered optimism, more of a year for waiting than a year for action. Good news--everything went on SALE! Bad news--no one has any money. I'm betting that 2009 is going to be more of those seesaw sort of swings and nothing can be taken for granted for a while.

Last year was a good one for BEAUFORT FALLS, and more people read my quirky book than I had thought possible. (Granted, my goals are small, but I'm happy with its progress.) It received a great review from Midwest Book Review last month , and never has "Nothing is what it seems" been a better catch phrase. LOLOL I've also joined the world of NINGing, and there are three NINGs that have worked particularly hard to reach out to authors and IMHO (in my humble opinion) deserve special credit for the hours of work they've put in to try to bring readers and writers together.

The first is AUTHOR AND BOOK EVENT CENTER, . This site has come together quickly, is a wonderfully organized showplace for authors and readers, has an active chatroom, which is fun, CHATS and powerful energy flowing into everyone participating.

A second great, more laid back and businesslike showplace, COLD COFFEE BOOKS, , bills itself as a showplace for self published books but is a good place for any author and his or her book, small press, etc. Its creator is a perfectionist who is constantly working on ways to improve the site and the showcasing of the books involved. In fact, that is one thing that links these two sites. The creators are spending hours of their time improving and monitoring the sites and the NINGS show the result of their attention.

Last I would like to thank David for this NING, CRIMESPACE, which has done a fantastic job keeping all of us mystery people linked together. It takes HOURS AND HOURS of work to make a good site happen and CRIMESPACE ROCKS!!!!!!!

These are only three of dozens, maybe hundreds, of WONDERFUL NINGS available to your specific needs and interests. Never has the internet offerred so much. No matter what happens with the economy, it's going to be an exciting year for authors and books online.

Now, off to work. No matter what else happens, I hope the day job stays a part of my routine. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

:-) Mari

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