RENEGADE photo-tour: The Burrard inlet at Gastown -- over which Luke and Jessica escape Triad assassins at night.

And the The Romance Reader" had this to stay:
"The Heart of the Renegade is a skillfully crafted novel, packed with complex characters involved in a well-used plot line; however, it is innovatively done. Loreth Anne White's pacing is superb, maintaining ever mounting intensity as the story plays out. This story is rich with detail, and a plot that could be expanded to a 450 page hardcover. That said, it does not feel as if it were condensed but evolves in the expected manner only to twist and turn a bit adding interest and suspense. The dynamics between Jessica and Luke are extraordinarily well handled.
White is a very gifted author and whose future novels will be sought out by this reviewer. --Thea Davis "
Thank you Thea.

I'm giving away two signed copies of RENEGADE this coming week. To enter into the draw, either post a comment below with the words “RENEGADE” and “contest” in it, or drop me line via my contact box using those two words. Contest closes midnight Wednesday March 6.

Also — please stop by and visit me at ROMANCE NOVEL TV I’ll be guest author on the Message Boards of that fabulous site from Monday March 3-5 where I’ll be answering questions about writing for SRS, and anything else that piques your fancy.

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