NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM - Released Mar 25 2008

A lifelong dream to sell my first book was realized in June 2006—the first shaky step of a toddler—when I sold to Avon HarperCollins. But it’s taken almost two years to make my dream a reality.

On March 25, 2008, my debut book NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM will be released and on bookshelves. And like an anxious parent, I must let my baby go to brave the world alone. It’s been a challenge—a bittersweet roller coaster ride with amazing highs and devastating lows—yet worth every bump and bruise along the way.

Please help by looking out for my baby and celebrate this writer’s journey by spreading the word. For a debut author, word of mouth is vital and I would appreciate your support. Thanks so much!

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