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NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM - Released Mar 25 2008

A lifelong dream to sell my first book was realized in June 2006—the first shaky step of a toddler—when I sold to Avon HarperCollins. But it’s taken almost two years to make my dream a reality.

On March 25, 2008, my debut book NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM will be released and on bookshelves. And like an anxious parent, I must let my baby go to brave the world alone. It’s been a challenge—a bittersweet roller coaster ride with… Continue

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Peek Inside My Book CONTEST

3-Ways to Win Contest

HarperCollins has graciously offered a wonderful incentive to promote the debut of my suspense novel NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM, upcoming release March 25th. By clicking on the links below, you get an exclusive sneak peek inside my book—up to 20% of it. Being my debut, this book is very special to me and I hope you like what you read.

And to celebrate my first release as a new author, my publisher is giving you three different ways to WIN… Continue

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Jordan Dane's Magical Mystery Tour

Can you hear Willie Nelson singing in the background, "On the road again..." Well that ain't Willie. That's me!

I just got word that I was selected as one of a handful of "lead title" authors from all the major publishing houses and featured on an upcoming Levy Entertainment Book Tour. I was requested to hit the road. (And they told me this was a good thing.) As a debut author, this is an amazing honor. More details and the official announcement below, but one last thing--Woo… Continue

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Confessions of a Debut Crime Fiction Author

"Hi. My name is Jordan. And I'm a … " I bite my lower lip and grimace, but push through the first step of my recovery program. "I'm a crime fiction author."

Oh sure, some might think this isn't a big thing to admit. Some may even envy my position, but I'm here to confess that as a crime fiction author, I'm not a well person. Bad men speak to me in my head—and I like it. I…


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My First PW Review

My First Review ... EVER

I've never gotten a professional review of my work, so as you might imagine, I was sweating it—especially Publisher’s Weekly. But I received my PW review this weekend and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be compared to the likes of some of my favorite authors—Lisa Jackson, Lisa Gardner and Tami Hoag. I couldn’t wait to share the good news.

Publishers Weekly, 12/10/2007

No One Heard Her…


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The Agent Question – Will They Respect Me in the Morning?

The Agent Question – Will They Respect Me in the Morning?

By Jordan Dane

As a debut author, your first relationship with an agent can be like a courtship. The first blush of an offer to represent is followed by the unforgettable satiation of that first deal. You light up a cigarette and revel that nothing will ever be the same again, but in…


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ITW Debut Authors Program - First Kill

First Kill

Ah, they say you never forget your first and I’m here to tell you that’s exactly right.

The International Thriller Writers have adopted a Debut Authors Program affectionately known as "First Kill", just another great benefit to being an ITW member. "Virgin" authors get one chance at launching their debut book, because once the…


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Amazon Woman

Everyone Heard Her Scream

Yes, I did scream when I saw my debut book—No One Heard Her Scream—already available on for presale. Check it out for yourself. I did. (Authors are strange. Alert the media.)

I’ve also got…


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What if God were on the Internet?

The ‘WHAT IF’ Game

For whatever reason, I’ve seen a lot of blogging this week on Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code. Dan’s book crossed a line from fiction into religion, a pretty sacred topic, pun intended. So it got me thinking (which is always dangerous).

WHAT IF religion crossed paths with the Internet? Hummmm…

1.) WHAT IF God blogged on MySpace? Would she have more friends than Barack Obama?

2.) WHAT…


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Are you a Serial Killer?

Are you a Serial Killer?

First of all, if you've come to this site looking for real answers, consider yourself a CERTIFIABLE FREAK and suspense author Jordan Dane is looking for YOU. Research is a critical aspect of writing and an author can never have too many good resources when it comes…


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Sacrificing Body Parts

Sacrificing Body Parts

I sacrificed a body part to write my debut novel – No One Heard Her Scream. Now that's commitment.…


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