First Kill

Ah, they say you never forget your first and I’m here to tell you that’s exactly right.

The International Thriller Writers have adopted a Debut Authors Program affectionately known as "First Kill", just another great benefit to being an ITW member. "Virgin" authors get one chance at launching their debut book, because once the ship sails, it is gone, baby. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the maiden voyage of First Kill.

Under the guidance of talented New York Times bestseller Lee Child, the ITW Debut Authors Program provides a forum for mutual support and expert help for first time authors from published ITW members. It also offers the opportunity for extra exposure on the ITW website's Debut Author Page, at national conferences, and during ITW's own ThrillerFest conference.

And come check out our newly minted First Kill blog at MySpace. Plus, ITW has generously provided a Debut Authors page on their website to showcase the program and its authors.

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