Your Invitation to Participate in the Ethnic Presidency Blog Blitz

I'm coordinating a "blog blitz" April 6-11, to promote The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Decides the Race to the White House. We've all seen the news reports about how race and gender are playing a big part in the presidential primaries and elections this year. The Ethnic Presidency helps us to understand the many ways that race plays a part in political elections and it has played a part for decades. This book will help you learn more about this topic that America and the world will continue to watch throughout this election year.

Since this is a hot button topic, this is a great way to get some additional traffic to your blog. Let me explain how the blitz works...

The blitz home page is - and it will link to a series of pages which include: a book summary, an author bio, the table of contents, reviews, the introduction, the book cover, an author photo and a series of excerpts based on the following topics:

* Democrats and the Black Vote
* Democrats, the GOP and the Asian Vote
* Obama and the X-Factor of Race
* Reagan and Race
* The GOP and Immigration
* The Hillary and Obama Roadshow

Each blog host can choose any topic or topics and other information to post on their blog. I ask that you post the information on your blog for at least one day and more if possible. It is as easy as copying the excerpts that interest you and pasting them onto your blog.

In exchange for posting the information, your blog will be promoted as part of the blitz and additional back links to your blog will be created. Both of these things will help build visibility for your blog. If you know anyone that would like to participate in this blitz, forward this message to them or I can be reached at

Nikki Leigh

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