Preview - November Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tours (Including Tony Napoli's My Father, My Don)

Would you like to be a tour host for one day? There are openings available and we would be happy to speak with you about the possibilities. Its very easy to be a host if you have a blog, radio show, newsletter etc. -- You can still be involved in these tours, but they are filling up fast. There are so many great tours that I should probably mention that you can host more than one tour :)

"Tony Nap" Napoli - My Father, My Don (November 17 - November 30)

Tony "Tony Nap" Napoli is the son of one of the most powerful and respected organized crime leaders of the modern era. Tony's father was Genovese Family Capo, James "Jimmy Nap" Napoli-a mob kingpin who ruled over the largest gambling empire in America for almost 40 years.

Tony's autobiography is a bold recounting of the confidential world that he and his father inhabited. In candid, no-holds-barred language, Tony describes his life as boxer, army soldier, enforcer, casino boss, fugitive, hustler, and offspring to one of the most powerful mobsters of the century.His story is about the spellbinding dealings of the Napoli empire, but also-the singularly cherished relationship he had with his father, his don. Tony Napoli's roller coaster account of family legend and organized crime followed by his turnaround focus on sobriety and civic contribution is a narrative of our time. (Email for more info.)

Mark Tewart - How to be a Sales Superstar (November 3 through December 31)

In this book, Mark Tewart offers very sound advice to improve our life skills, people skills, marketing skills and sales skills. This is much more than the typical "sales book". Learn how to improve your life, your approach and your sales. This book is valuable for anyone who is in a position to sell a product or service. We have a wide variety of articles that can be used during this tour - so hosting Mark is easier than ever. (Email for more information.)

Gurutej - Kundalini Yoga and the Mental Clarity Tour (November 17 - December 12)

Gurutej has informed me that she wants to call this the "Mental Clarity Tour". Do you want to learn more about Stress Reduction, Anxiety Relief, Yoga, Health, Healing, Energy, Meditation, Sleep, Success? She offers valuable tips to help you clear your mind, relief stress, etc - visit her YouTube page for tips -

Founded by Gurutej Khalsa, the Energy Gurus offer life enhancing and stress reduction programs-for individual and groups/organizations-that introduce priceless time-tested techniques. They not only help unleash new levels of personal energy, but they also help to better manage it. In turn that generates great benefits and translates into time and money saving. (Email for more information.)

Dyan Garris - Automatic Chakra Balance DVD and Manifesting Therapy (November 17 - December 12)

Dyan wants to reach out to people who are interested in energy, manifesting, chakra balancing, healing music, you could be a host for Dyan's tour. We want to reach people who are interested in these topics and who have tried The Secret but aren't getting results. Her manifesting therapy can help you discover the problem and move past these blocks.Part of the Spiritual Toolbox™ for relaxation, spiritual transformation, Automatic Chakra Balance™ help in sleeping and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit by Dyan Garris. Doors to the Soul DVD is completely mesmerizing and relaxing! It features a special version of the very soothing song "The Journey." The DVD is designed to automatically balance your energy field in ten minutes! Click here for a sample from the DVD. (Email for more information.)

C J Scarlet - The Kindness Cure (November 17 - December 12)

This is the most unusual promotional event I've worked on in some time. Read on, I think you will want to be involved. Beginning November 17th, CJ will tour cyber space to share her message. As you read above, she is working to bring legions of people into this project and you are only asked to do one kind thing each week for the next year.

You can help anyone who needs a helping hand. Let's spread the word and spread positive thoughts and actions around the world. Would you like to host CJ during her tour or do you have questions? Contact Nikki at a few minutes to watch CJ's video which explains what she is doing and shows you some of the things she has done - Each person is invited to visit and join the revolution. Would you and your blog readers or radio listeners like to learn more about easy ways to make a major difference in your life and the life of others? If so, this is a woman that you need to interview.

C J Scarlet has dealt with her own critical health issues and she understands that "hopeless" feeling. But, she learned that focusing on helping others helped her mental and physical well being. Are you or a loved one facing a health or personal crisis? C J's project can benefit you both. With seventeen years as an advocate for individuals facing tragedy and trauma, and a Humanities Master's Degree with an emphasis on Human Violence, CJ has a solid understanding of the myriad physical and emotional challenges people face and how they habitually-and often ineffectually-respond to them. Tony

Conor and the Crossworlds by Kevin Gerard (November 3 through November 30)

Conor and the Crossworlds series. This series opens with book 1, Conor and the Crossworlds, when 10-year-old Conor Jameson unconsciously calls forth the power of the crossworlds creators who send the mystical beast, Purugama, to accompany the boy on a fantastic journey into the realm of the crosswords. In book 3, Surviving an Altered World (due to be released in December 2008), Conor and Janine Cochran, two everyday high school students find themselves caught in a race to save an altered world after Conor ignores his mentors' warnings and divulges secrets about his past.For details about participating contact Donna at

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