Haven't been over here in ages. Frantically writing the first of a new mystery series about a tattoo shop owner in Las Vegas. It's the ultimate write what you DON'T know, since I have no tattoos, don't plan to get one, and I've lived in New England most of my life. Just got back from a trip to Vegas, where I did a lot of driving around and taking notes and pictures. Everything's brown there. And hot. That whole thing about "dry" heat? Heat is heat, wet or dry.

And if I didn't have enough to do with trying to get this book done and ready to turn in Sept. 1, I just got the galleys for the next Annie Seymour mystery, SHOT GIRL. I've been happy to see that the galleys are in better shape for this book than the last, which made me wonder about people's typing abilities and whether we're losing too much by text messaging just by using our thumbs. Because I was sure that the typesetter had just used thumbs for that one.

Now I have to go back to writing a car chase scene. I'll stop in more frequently...


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