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Coming out from under the rock

Haven't been over here in ages. Frantically writing the first of a new mystery series about a tattoo shop owner in Las Vegas. It's the ultimate write what you DON'T know, since I have no tattoos, don't plan to get one, and I've lived in New England most of my life. Just got back from a trip to Vegas, where I did a lot of driving around and taking notes and pictures. Everything's brown there. And hot. That whole thing about "dry" heat? Heat is heat, wet or dry.

And if I didn't have… Continue

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DEAD OF THE DAY is out today!

Today is the official pub date of my new Annie Seymour mystery, DEAD OF THE DAY (although I have heard that anyone who preordered it on Barnes & Noble.com got it ages ago).

To commemorate the event, I am embarking on a virtual book tour. Please come visit the blogs I'm guesting on, some you probably have heard of, others possibly not. Here's my schedule for the week:

Today, Tuesday, Nov. 6

Every Word's a…

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Extreme makeovers

I'm straddling publishers at the moment: Grand Central Publishing will put out my second Annie Seymour book, SECONDHAND SMOKE, in paperback in November, and NAL/Obsidian will be publishing the third in the series, DEAD OF THE DAY, at the same time.

But their covers will make them look like they're from two different series.

My editor told me that my new book covers were going to get a makeover because of the publisher changeover, and I was pretty excited about it. And…


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It's been a long time

I've been totally lax over here at Crimespace — and other places — while finishing up the fourth Annie Seymour book, SHOT GIRL. The book's not expected on my editor's desk until Oct. 1, but I want to get it in really good shape before I send it off to her, and the journalist in me won't let me miss a deadline :) Right now it's with a couple of readers, a couple have already gotten back to me and I'm tweaking.

A book is never completely done. In fact, once the book is…

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Thanks to Bryon, a time saver

Because I've been so busy with the first draft of my fourth book, I haven't had much time to spend over here at Crimespace. But my good friend Bryon Quertermous has given me a wonderful idea so I can keep up here, and over at my blog at First Offenders. Cross posting. I'll start here, and you can link over there to get the full picture. It's less time consuming, and I can still stay in touch with everyone over here.…


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So many sites, so little time

I haven't been here much the last couple of days because like a moron I accepted six assignments for freelance stories for the Hartford Courant. And they're all due in two weeks. So if I'm a little quiet right now, that's the reason why. I also have a book to write (and I know Kristen is lurking around here somewhere, so yes, I really am working on that, too...really!). I touted this over at First Offenders this week, and I… Continue

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