I've been totally lax over here at Crimespace — and other places — while finishing up the fourth Annie Seymour book, SHOT GIRL. The book's not expected on my editor's desk until Oct. 1, but I want to get it in really good shape before I send it off to her, and the journalist in me won't let me miss a deadline :) Right now it's with a couple of readers, a couple have already gotten back to me and I'm tweaking.

A book is never completely done. In fact, once the book is finished and on the bookshelves, I don't dip into it again. Because I know I'll find something I wish I missed, a phrase I wish I hadn't used, a phrase I wish I did use.

I have managed to keep up my posting over at First Offenders, so if you want to check the blog out that I share with Alison Gaylin, Lori Armstrong and Jeff Shelby, take a click over there. We have a good time. And we've discovered YouTube. Which makes blogging even more fun :)

I'll try to get back over here a bit more, too.

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