Yesterday I told you I'm live tonight at the Maryland Writers Association, 7:30 pm in the annex building of the Chesapeake Arts Center, 194 Hammonds Lane, Brooklyn Park, Maryland. But I'm lots of places on the internet too.

Just when I thought I'd used up all the places to expose myself online I discovered Axis Avenue - . This group says it's dedicated to helping authors market themselves to a wider audience, while also giving readers a new outlet to creativity. For us, Axis Avenue is an online network of both up-and-coming and established authors. Writers can create a profile that showcases their work and tells readers a little bit about themselves. I like to establish a personal connection with readers, turning them from casual browsers to loyal readers.

Readers can use the site to search for authors by name or genre, or just browse until something catches your eye. It's easy to discover new authors and books that would otherwise go unnoticed in a bookstore. And, by registering, you also have the opportunity to drop listed authors a line and communicate with them one-on-one about their books. You can't do that at the bookstore!

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