I like to feature interesting web sites in this space, even when the site is my own. I always feature the feedback and reviews I receive on my web site, and today I’d like to introduce Peggy Ehrhart.

Peggy is a mystery author I met at the Deadly Ink conference. She gave me an advance copy of her new novel, “Sweet Man is Gone” which I have previously reviewed here. At the same time she purchased my novel, Damaged Goods and was kind enough to drop me a note about it. She told me she really enjoyed getting to know my fictional detective Hannibal Jones, and wrote such nice things about him that I’ve posted them on my web site as this week’s featured review.

BTW, Peggy also makes a guest appearance on my blog this week. You can click thru to the blog from my web site, but first read Ms Ehrhart’s review of Damaged Goods.

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