I'm on the radio twice this week. On 23 September I will be on Angel Radio which is a station dedicated to 'snap, crackle and no pop.' It is run primarily by older people who have created a unique radio service for lovers of vintage music and nostalgia. You can listen to it on the web site www.angelradio.co.uk or on 101.1FM. The station has listeners from all over the UK and the USA, so I'll get a chance to say 'hello' to some of my readers in the States. I'm being interviewed about my novels and my forthcoming appearance at the Havant Literary Festival on Saturday 27 September from 10.30 to 12.30. Tune in to Angel Radio if you get the chance.

Then on Friday 26 September I will be on BBC Radio Solent at the incredibly early time of 7.30am. Just right for catching the drive time crowd. (Must remember to sound alert - though that might be difficult if I haven't had my caffeine injection by then.) You can listen in as I speak with Julian Clegg on 96.1 and 103.8FM and DAB Digital Radio.

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