I just connected from .ning to my twitter account. How cool is that? Being an artist, I am reluctantly learning all of this computer graphics, animation, networking stuff. I'm glad sites like this make it easy.

I just found a naturopathic veterinarian today in a nearby city. I never considered looking for one for my beloved Buster till the last two weeks of his life, when I was frantically looking for anybody to help save him. I have done some reading on naturopathy for pets the past few months and am shocked at how bad the state of modern veterinary medicine is in some aspects (not all). Yet, I truly believe naturopathy saved my life when I was in my 20's. I don't know if it would have made a difference with Buster, since his heart was the final issue, but it might have extended his life by a year or two if I'd considered it two years before his death.

I hope to have a new puppy by June and now have found a vet to help him get his life off on the right paw. I had a special connection with Buster--his paw print went deep into my heart--and look forward to seeing him in heaven one day.

If you have doubts about your vet, you might want to consider investigating this route.

Happy Moo Year.

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