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I just connected from .ning to my twitter account. How cool is that? Being an artist, I am reluctantly learning all of this computer graphics, animation, networking stuff. I'm glad sites like this make it easy.

I just found a naturopathic veterinarian today in a nearby city. I never considered looking for one for my beloved Buster till the last two weeks of his life, when I was frantically looking for anybody to help save him. I have done some reading on naturopathy for pets the past… Continue

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Fourth of July

Hi. I spent most of July 3rd drawing and creating in Flash a Fourth of July cartoon featuring my character, Crazy Cal, dancing on top of a fire cracker with fireworks popping behind him. I was working in Flash CS4 for the first time and was having some difficulty adjusting to the new upgrade. So I was up till 3AM on the 4th, posting my cartoon. Tested it out on a MAC and PC and "YIKES" doesn't show in the browsers. At 3AM I wasn't in any mental state to figure out what was wrong. Well, my .swf… Continue

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Buster, my best buddy

Hi. I was devasted when on the evening of February 22nd, my sweet little friend, my Silky terrier Buster, died in bed next to me. He let out a little "woof" then died, lying next to me. It was a heartrending moment, but my friends say that he was where he most liked to be when he died--at my side. He was one of the best buddies I've ever had, including friends. He was always in a good mood and never complained. He was always happy to see me. We even had a lot in common: hayfever, preference for… Continue

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Hi. If you are a praying person, please pray for my dog, Buster. He was poisoned by melanine and is miracle he is still around. Guess kidney meds could only keep him going so long. Just discovered some kidney tonic for dogs (wish I'd looked sooner) but I think only prayer/The Lord will save him now. He is the pup in my picture blog/show. He's my buddy and I cannot bear to think of his little pillow in my bedroom and bed in my den being empty. (Hard to even write it.) Thank you. Dawn

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Happy Moo Year!

Hi. I was excited to upgrade my Flash animation program to CS4. Wow! I can post video cartoons now--or so I thought. Well, when I exported my Happy Moo Year cartoon to Quicktime, it lost the nested animations. Big bummer. Then the expensive CS4 "how to" manual I purchased, as the upgrade didn't have a manual, didn't explain how to create a FLV video of my FLA file, ie. I still couldn't figure out how to convert my Flash cartoon to a Flash video file. So, please check my website to see the… Continue

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Good Nineteenth Century Fiction

Hi, Everyone. I've pretty much read all of Anne Perry's Victiorian era novels. Anyone have any suggestions for new authors or series I could try out, please? I don't like novels with graphic sex or really bad language, which is why I prefer to read historicals. Or is there someone in the network who writes these type of novels? Regency, Victorian, Gothic, Romantic Age: anytime in the 19th would interest me. I'm not too fond of Westerns, however, although I love horses.--I cannot say… Continue

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