Hi. I was excited to upgrade my Flash animation program to CS4. Wow! I can post video cartoons now--or so I thought. Well, when I exported my Happy Moo Year cartoon to Quicktime, it lost the nested animations. Big bummer. Then the expensive CS4 "how to" manual I purchased, as the upgrade didn't have a manual, didn't explain how to create a FLV video of my FLA file, ie. I still couldn't figure out how to convert my Flash cartoon to a Flash video file. So, please check my website to see the actual cartoon I created: www.CattleCapers.com to wish everyone a appy 2009. I hope to find the time to update it again soon. (Had to take time out for state taxes and massive OT.)

In the Chinese calendar, it is the "year of the ox". In the Japanese calendar (I work for a Japan-based company) it is the "year of the cow". As my cartoon detective is Adam Steer, a bull cow, I am going with the cow year. I am hoping this is my year to "break out".

Hope everyone is having a great year. Take care.


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