Hi. I was devasted when on the evening of February 22nd, my sweet little friend, my Silky terrier Buster, died in bed next to me. He let out a little "woof" then died, lying next to me. It was a heartrending moment, but my friends say that he was where he most liked to be when he died--at my side. He was one of the best buddies I've ever had, including friends. He was always in a good mood and never complained. He was always happy to see me. We even had a lot in common: hayfever, preference for beans and berries, taking walks, and watching animal shows. The moment I returned home from work, he was nearly always glued to my side till I left the next morning. I knew that my singing was improving, when he stopped scratching at the door to leave the room and starting snuggling up on the pillow on my bed, listening. He just turned 9 years old, young to die for a Silky as life expectancy for the breed is 12 to 17 years. He was not up to a walk on his last day, but I can still see his hopeful little face when I asked if he wanted to go for a ride: His ears perked up, he smiled, and danced toward me. I didn't want to go too far and make his tummy sick, so we just went to the library, drugstore, post office, and got some gasoline. He didn't care where we went, as long as he was sitting in the passenger seat next to me. It'll take a long time to get over his loss. If you prayed for us, I greatly appreciate it. I could feel people's prayers lifting my spirit the past few weeks. I'd better quit, because I'm starting to cry. Take care and have a good month of March and happy publishing. Dawn

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