LJ's Top Reads of 1995

Berendt, John - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil DuBois, Brandon - Dead Sand
Crias, Roberts - Monkey's Raincoat
Dymmoch, Michael Allen - The Man Who Understood Cats
Emerson, Earl - Portland Laugher
Evanovich, Janet - One for the Money
Francis, Dick - Wild Horses
Healy, Jeremiah - Rescue
Jacobs, Jonnie - Murder Among Neighbors
Katz, Jon - Death by Station Wagon
King, Laurie - A Grave Talent
Maxwell, A.E. - Just Another Day in Paradise
O'Connell, Carol - The Man Who Cast Two Shadows
Walker, Mary Willis - The Red Scream
Wilcox, Colin - Bernhardt's Edge

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