Crais, Robert - Monkey's Raincoat – Ex 1995 Top Ten List – 1st in series - Definitely want to read more of the series

Crais, Robert - Stalking the Angel – Ex 2nd in series - Like the series

Emerson, Earl - Vanishing Smile – Ex 8th Thomas Black - Always a good read

Fyfeld, Francis - Perfectly Pure and Good - (no rating listed)

Thomas, Leslie - Dangerous by Moonlight- (no rating listed)

Wolzien, Valerie - Old Faithful Murder – Sold Okay but not great

Zukowski, Sharon - Leap of Faith – Ex 3rd in series - Liked it - Blaine Stewart, NY

Burke, Jan - Goodnight, Irene – Ex 1st in series - Southern Cal reporter, lots of bodies

Hoffman, Alice - Turtle Moon – Sold Not really a mystery

Newman, Sharan - Death Comes as an Epiphany – Sold Period piece - not my cup of tea

Wolzien, Valerie - Star Spagled Murder – Sold Not my cup of tea

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