I've spent the last hour posting on various forums and on my own blog, and it occurred to me that if someone actually finds my posts interesting enough to click on this page, and maybe even buy my book, they may wonder how to get it. Easiest way is to order on Amazon, where I have four ***** reviews, or on Barnes & Noble. You can also go to my publisher at www.virtualbookworm.com, then type in my name or Mood Swing in their online bookstore section. I'd prefer you order directly from VBW, because the royalties are larger and arrive sooner, but either is fine.

BTW, if anyone here would be interested in writing a review either online or elsewhere, I'd be glad to send you a review copy. Just send me a message in my chat section.

Whether or not you're interested in my book, I'd love to know if anyone reads this page. Please drop me a note!

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