Murder with Reservations - Help Elaine Viets

Murder with Reservations - Help Elaine Viets

In the five years I chaired the Authors Programming Committee for the Lee County Reading Festival, I frequently said mystery writers are the best ones to work with. They were cooperative, easy to work with, and they enjoyed working with each other. Elaine Viets was one that was wonderful to work with. She appeared twice at the festival, and recommended other authors. She even brought a pink flamingo to the Authors' Reception. She's warm, and just fun to be around.

On my April 11 post, I mentioned that Elaine Viets had a stroke. She's recovering nicely, but she's worried about her new book. She won't be able to tour for Murder with Reservations, her latest Dead-End Job Mystery that debuts on May 1. Authors and those of us who are fans of Elaine's have rallied around. Bloggers are asking you to buy the book, or buy it for your public library, or request that they buy it. Authors are taking the opportunity to do book signings on Elaine's behalf, or appearances on behalf of her book. They're calling it Tour by Proxy. Check with your favorite bookstore to see if they're carrying Murder with Reservations. Ask if an author is making an appearance on behalf of Elaine. The mystery community is taking the opportunity to give back to an author who has given so much to others.

If you're a fan of Elaine Viets' Dead-End Job Mysteries, you know that Elaine works in every job that she assigns to her character, Helen Hawthorne. For Murder with Reservations, she took a job as a maid in a hotel. If you check out Elaine's website at, you can read about Elaine's feelings about that job.

Murder with Reservations is due out on May 1. Buy yourself or a friend a special present for May Day. In doing so, you'll be sharing in the effort to give back to a beloved author in the mystery community.

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