A REGIMENTAL MURDER (Regency-Period Mystery) – VG Ashley Gardner – 2nd in series
Berkeley Prime Crime, 2004 – Paperback

Retired cavalry officer Captain Gabriel Lacey, rescues a beautiful woman from the seeming intention of suicide. In turn, Lydia Weston, widow of Colonel Weston of the 43rd Light Dragoons who had confessed to killing a fellow officer and had “accidentally” died before his trial, asks Lacey to find the murderers of her husband.

Gardner has written a wonderful story with excellent characters. She has exposed a period of seeming elegance to have very little grace at all. The character Lacey is intriguing and fully dimensional. The story is full of twists and revelations, but intriguingly, not irritatingly, so. I shall definitely follow this series and highly recommend it for those who love historical mysteries.

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