DEAD MEN RISE UP NEVER (Unlicensed Investigator) – Okay Ron Faust – 1st in series
Dell, 2004 – Paperback

Former CID investigator and current law student Dan Shaw agrees to find the currently missing heir to a very large fortune. Instead, he finds a cabin cruiser containing a dead goat, and underwater, seven anatomically correct inflatable mannequins and a female corpse.

The plot was suspenseful—man against man, man against nature--had excellent dialogue and lots of disreputable characters. The only likable character was the protagonist, and it just seemed off balance to me. The problem was the only part of the story in which I really became engrossed was the ship in the hurricane. The rest I found myself skimming through. Those who like macho good guy stories, although without any likable or interesting side kicks, might enjoy this, but for me, it was strictly an okay read.

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