SMOKE AND SHADOWS (Fantasy/SciFi) – G Tanya Huff – Standalone
Daw Books, Inc., 2004 - Hardcover

Tony Foster, rescued from street life by vampires Vicki Nelson and Henry Fitzroy, is now trying to create a life of his own as a PA for a very low budget television show in Vancouver. Everything is fine until he starts seeing shadows, which move independent of anything, and they start killing people.

While it is a standalone, happily Henry features in the story. The characters are great, although they might make a bit more sense if you’ve read the “Blood” series, the writing and dialogue have all the humor I’ve come to expect from Huff. “Summon the Keeper” by her was one of the funniest books I’ve read. Unfortunately, what’s missing here is a really good plot. Still, it’s fun, light, camp and a great airplane book or diversion from mysteries.

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