Selma Eichler brings back Desiree Shapiro, her henna-haired, overweight private investigator, in the fourteenth book in the series. Even a murder investigation can't keep Desiree from her beloved Häagen Dazs macadamia brittle ice cream. In fact, problems with the case give Desiree one more reason to indulge.

And, who wouldn't have problems with her case? Everyone in Jordan Mills' life seems to mourn his death, even his dachshund, Tootsie. Jordy was a wonderful man, and, according to his father, Byron, and other family members, everyone loved him. Who would have wanted to shoot Jordy and hide his body in the trunk of a car? Jordy was so wonderful he was giving a kidney to his dislikable brother Cornell. Soon after Jordy's murder, Cornell committed suicide. Now, Cornell. There was a murder victim just waiting to be killed. Was he the intended victim, and Jordy was killed by mistake?

Desiree may lack inspiration, but she's determined to solve the case, if only for Byron's sake. She's only slightly distracted by problems with her love life with her neighbor, Nick, problems caused by his son. However, her personal life can't keep Desiree down forever. A little food and a little television can do wonders for a woman's state of mind. Murder Can Depress Your Dachshund is an enjoyable cozy mystery; a cozy with a well-padded, likable heroine.

Desiree Shapiro can be self-involved and insecure in her relationships, but she's a determined detective. Eichler has created a detective that most of us can identify with, not one who is so superior we can't relate to her. She's continually getting lost. She is reluctant to ask prying questions. Desiree isn't afraid to admit her faults. She's overweight, but still enjoys her food. Her family and friends bully her, even when they do it nicely. Desiree Shapiro solves crimes by meeting people and asking questions. She takes notes and studies them until inconsistencies pop out at her. And, she doesn't take unnecessary risks. Desiree is a law-abiding detective who turns her solutions over to the police.

Desiree Shapiro's cases are solved with footwork, thoughtful studying of her notes, and so much food that the reader gets hungry. She's the comfortable neighbor we'd all like to know, who just happens to be a private investigator.

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Murder Can Depress Your Dachshund by Selma Eichler. Signet, ©2007, ISBN 978-0451220608 (paperback), 259p.

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