RIOT ACT (Amateur Sleuth-London-Cont) – VG Sharp, Zoe – 2nd
in series
Piatkus, 2002-Hardcover

Charlie Fox is an self-defense expert and ex-Special Forces. She is house- and dog-sitting--a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Frank—for her friend but things turn ugly when teenage gangs start terrorizing the neighborhood. The neighbors hire a private security firm, but a young Asian boy is murdered. When someone from Charlie's past appears, life becomes even more complicated.

Charlie is someone you'd much rather have as a friend than an enemy. She's tough and independent but has her vulnerabilities. In this second book, we learn more about Charlie's past so she's taking on more dimensions. The action is fast-paced and suspenseful; with a twist I didn't see coming at all. I'm pleased to have found this series and delighted to know there are more books waiting for me.

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