FIRST DEGREE (Legal Suspense-New Jersey-Cont) –G+ Rosenfelt, David – 2nd
in series
Mysterious Press, 2003- Hardcover

Now that lawyer Andy Carpenter has inherited $22 million, he can be very selective in the clients he represents. So when a man walks in and tells him that he, not the man arrested, killed a cop, Andy decides to represent the man arrested. But the situation turns and Andy's girlfriend, Laura, is arrested for first-degree murder.

Great characters, dialogue and courtroom scenes are the strength of this book. Having grown up in Jersey (New Jersey, that is), I love books set there. I did figure out the bad guy fairly early, so that was a slight weakness. But this was a quick, enjoyable read, with a good plot, suspense and a bit more depth that his first book, "Open and Shut." I would, however, recommend reading the series in order. Very enjoyable.

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