Greenwood, Kerry – THE GREEN MILL MURDER

THE GREEN MILL MURDER (Private Investigator-Australia-1920s) – VG Greenwood, Kerry – 5th in series
McPhee Gribble, 1993- Aus.

Phryne Fisher attends the last day of a dance marathon with her friend Charles. When another dancer is murdered, Charles disappears. In order to protect the family estate, Charles' mother hires Phryne to find Charles' brother, who went to the Outback after WWI. In the meantime, the blues singer at the club where the murder occurred, asks Phryne to find her missing husband.

Phryne is such a wonderful character; smart, confident, self-possessed and very fashionable, and surrounded by diverse and interesting supporting characters. These are traditional mysteries; not cozy but not dark, and they always touch on series issues. Ms. Greenwood has clearly done extensive research about the time and I always learn something when I read these books. Poisoned Pen is releasing the series in hardcover with the delightful illustrated covers. Unfortunately, they started in the middle of the series, so it's not easy to find the early book. But if you can find them, I do recommend them. This is a very good book and a wonderful series.

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